Cagliari starlet hints at possible Inter move in the summer


Cagliari goalkeeper Alessio Cragno is touted as one of the best young Italian goalkeepers in Serie A at the moment. Speaking in an interview with L’Unione Sarda, Cragno said the following on rumours that he could be heading to Inter Milan:

“​Inter Milan rumours? Now I think only of Cagliari, I do not care about anything else. First comes salvation and improvements, personally and as a team, then we’ll see. I’m still at Cagliari, I’ll take it step by step or nothing at all. I arrived with just one season in Serie B as my experience. It was a great feat to be able to play in Cagliari and in Serie A and, even now, I know it is a fundamental stage of my career, I have to give my best.”

So, for now, Cragno is focused on helping Cagliari stay in Serie A but the goalkeeper has certainly not ruled out any possibility of a move in the summer, despite staying humble and grateful to Cagliari for giving him the chance to grow and develop.


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